Ainola as a Museum

Ainola is a home museum, that includes the main building, utility buildings, sauna and about a four hectare area that consists of the gardens and a forest. Aino and Jean Sibelius’ grave is located in the garden. Ainola’s premises, artifact- and art collections were transferred to the State of Finland in 1972, when the daughters of Sibelius sold it with a very nominal price.

A maintenance building designed by architect Aulis Blomstedt is located near the entrance gate. It includes the ticket sale, a museum shop and a cosy cafe. The vitrines outside the building include small exhibitions, that in their own way cherish and enliven Sibelius’s and Ainola’s legacy.

Ainola was opened to the public in June 1974. Currently, Ainola is a special museum under the auspices of the National Board of Antiquities, that is open from May to the end of September. Yearly, about 25 000 people visit Ainola, and some of them are international visitors. The operation of Ainola is funded with the profit from entrance tickets as well as with the aid from the ministry of education and culture, and with the support from the city of Järvenpää.

Ainola talvisessa iltahämärässä, valot hohtavat ikkunoista jamaa ja katto ovat lumen peitossa
Aulis Blomstedtin 1974 suunnittelema kahvila- ja lipunmyyntirakennus. Tummanruskeassa, tasakattoisessa rakennuksessa ovat myös museon toimistotilat.

Ainola Foundation

In 1972, Ainola Foundation was established and put in charge of the operation of the museum. According to the charter of foundation, Ainola Foundation makes sure that the unique and intimate atmosphere of the home remains and that the visitors can experience Ainola in the same form as it was when the Sibelius family lived in it.

Ainola Foundation was founded by the ministry of education, Sibelius Society of Finland and Aino’s and Jean’s relatives. The purpose of the foundation is to “…preserve Jean Sibelius’s and his spouses, Aino nee Järnefelt’s, residence located in the city of Järvenpää, called Ainola, as unchanged as possible, and in such a form as it was while they still lived, as well cherish their memory and take care of their last resting place.”

According to the charter of foundation, Ainola’s property and business is handled by an eight person board, that has been chosen for three years at a time. 3-4 of these members are chosen by Ainola Foundation, two by National Board of Antiques, one by the city of Järvenpää and two by Sibelius Society of Finland. One of the members chosen by Sibelius Society of Finland must represent the descendants of Aino and Jean Sibelius.

Board of Ainola Foundation 2020-2021

Members chosen by Ainola Foundation:
Chairman Jukka Liedes, deputy member Valtteri Niiranen
Member Seija Kivinen, deputy member Petri Syrjänen
Member Simo Freese, deputy member Erkki Aho
Member Marjo Mäenpää, deputy member Ilmi Villacis
Member Jouni Kuurne, deputy member Päivi Eronen
Members chosen by Sibelius Society:
Member Gustav Djupsjöbacka, deputy member Timo Virtanen
Vice-chairman Severi Blomstedt, deputy member Lauri Paloheimo
Members chosen by the city of Järvenpää:
Member Sami Ylisaari, deputy member Marju Taurula

Contact information of Ainola Foundation


Ombudsman of the foundation, Museum director Julia Donner
Email: julia.donner(at)ainola.fi
Tel. 050 350 3819

Chairman Jukka Liedes
Email: jukka(at)liedes.fi