Artist Community

During the late 1890s, an artist community formed around the Lake Tuusula. The most famous artists of the Golden Age of Finnish Art settled to the area, where Finland’s national author, Aleksis Kivi, spend his last few months. Many of them moved to the scenery of Lake Tuusula from Helsinki. They yearned for the silence and the closeness with nature. Also the short distance to the city was important: Tuusula was located suitably close and had easy access to the city. 

The first ones to move to the area were writer Juhani Aho and his artist wife, Venny Soldan-Brofeldt. They rented a villa called Vårbacka, that would later be called Ahola. Juhani Aho got painter Eero Järnefelt as his neighbour when their home Suviranta was finished in 1901. Painter Pekka Halonen built his villa on a rocky cape, right at the shores of Lake Tuusula, at the same time when poet J.H Erkko built his house on the lands of Syvälahti. The composer, Jean Sibelius, moved into Ainola in 1904. 

The artist community of Lake Tuusula was a unique meeting place for the artists. The countryside became an important part for their artistic creation. They supported each other in their artistic work during politically restless times.