Ainola’s Area and Forest

Ainola’s property is about 4 hectares large. It was bought in four different stages; the last enlargement was made in 1936.

The northern side of the property is natural forest, while the southwest was made into an extensive garden. Only some of the original apple trees and  berry bushes remain. On the other hand, the flower gardens have been restored to the form how Aino Sibelius had designed and planted it. The vegetable gardens have been turned into grass area when the museum was established. 

Old trees that were in poor condition have been removed from Ainola’s forest, and new ones planted. In 2019, a walking trail that goes from the gardens to the “Temple” and back to the house was finished. 

Maisema-arkkitehtitoimisto Näkymä (Scenery-architect agency) has created a care and restoration plan for the area, which was finished in 2019. 

Listen to Jean Sibelius’s 5 pieces for Piano, op 75. It is also known as The Trees and is played by Sonja Fräki. The recordings are Yleradio’s M-studio’s production from 2014.