Ainola’s Garden

Ainola’s vegetable garden was established in the following spring after the family’s move to Ainola. The vegetable gardens increased in size during the years, eventually taking up about a hundred metre area in front of the house. 

The vegetable gardens brought self-sufficiency through the fruits, berries and vegetables that they provided. Vegetables were grown from potatoes to asparagus. In the eastern corner of the garden resided a greenhouse that was built due to a plentiful tomato harvest. 


The grave of Jean and Aino Sibelius is located in the warm eastern area of the garden called Rapallo. 

Jean Sibelius was buried there in autumn 1957 and Aino in spring 1969.  

The bronze gravestone was designed by Jean’s son-in-law Aulis Blomstedt. The surface of the stone resembles the surface of Lake of Tuusula when wet. Such feature pleased the composer.